Thursday, June 22, 2006

Funny Text Message

For the past few days, I've been bombarded with text messages saying hi and hello, with several missed calls from cell lines disassociated from my phonebook.

I was so pissed-off populating my inbox with people I hardly know. Until I reached the end of the line, and finally replied to one of them. I settled a friendly start of conversation so I can squeeze out the information, how the heck they got my number. Here how it went:


ME: Hi, who is this please?

TEXTER: Yer helo! Okey! I'm Jovena ... Hw about u? Cn I b ur frnd?

ME: Hi Jovena, nice meeting you. How did you get my number anyway?

TEXTER: I gt ur # thru d a.m. radio ... may I knw ur name pwde?

ME: A.M radio? What program? I'm Joan

TEXTER: Yup! Mr. Karinyoso ... db ur publishing ur # der! Hw old u na?

ME: Nope. Wala naman ako hilig makinig sa ganung program. Anong oras yan?

TEXTER: U mean d u alm un? 1 a.m. hngang 2 ...

ME: Ah, okay. Thanks for the info na lang. I'm married with one child. Nice meeting you.

I was not sure if it was a she or he, but she/he continued texting back, even if I bid a "nice meeting you" phrase already. Asking how old I am, if I'm married, where is my hubby, etc. But the biggest question is .... how in the world MY NUMBER WAS ANNOUNCED on that kind of early morning program, marketing people with sleep disorder???

Wheh ... life that is!!! The numbers must be miswritten or mixed-up on that radio program and came out with my number. But in case, some nice good guy here deliberately gave my number just for a good time, well, this is my message for you. Thank you so very much for making other people spending pesos for me, it is sooo sweet.

Well, another funny experience though. Hmmmm .... Maybe I could listen to Mr. Karinyoso one of these days .... hahaha!