Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jett Meets A Dentist

I was never wrong walking-in the clinic of Dr. Giron. His extensive training in motivating first timer little kids like my own, has been very recognizable.

In the beginning, after a pep introduction talk, the dentist asked me to sit in the dental chair, with Jett on my lap. He started talking with Jett, like, how old are you? What is your name?, and the likes. He even allowed Jett to play with the child-proof dental instruments in his front, trying to extend the comfy feeling in unfamiliar room. And he checked his teeth.

He then told me in verbatim, "Alam mo ba Mommy, na ang ganda ng ngipin ng anak nyo", which made my chin feel the air, and replied, "At 4 months po kasi, I trained him to sleep on his own, without the help of feeding bottle or nipple. And he drinks milk from the glass after his first birthday.". "Good, that is very good Mommy", the dentist said. And the rest of the conversation were all about more dental nicety for children of my sons' age.

He wants Jett to adapt himself sitting on a dental chair and the presence of a dentist. That is why he asked me to bring him back anytime in two weeks stretch, so we will be back next week.

As a reward, Jett got himself a sticker Pooh on his fist. Dr. Giron gave him a really good first time.

GREETINGS: Happy Birthday this day, to my good old friend and Jett's godmother, Richelle. I hope you'll have a blast sis!!! And Happy 40th month anniversary to my Honey, whom I thought we will be seeing this weekend (hay!).

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