Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Father's Appreciation on Mother's Day (Late Post)


Hi Honey,

No words can match the nobility, the passion, and the role you perform in our lives. The mother in you ignites the sweetness, creates the gentle touch, and playfulness to our son. The tiger-like ferociousness shows when you defend him from harm. What a woman! Or should I say, yes indeed, you are a mother, first and foremost.

Happy Mother’s Day Honey! Glad that I’m here to celebrate the day with you and Jett. I love you so much.


This post has been long overdue. But since the occasion meant a lot to me, I opted to share it with you. FYI, I've been dying to have that bracelet way before Mother's Day, and been very vocal about my longing to my husband. He did not fail to indulge me on Mother's Day. Honey, thanks for the gorgeous bracelet and the lovely message, I LOVE YOU!

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