Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Becoming UP-T0-DATE

I'm such a snoozy blogger, I concede!!! No objection, declination, nor hesitation that is! Being inactive far more than a month is a huge noncompliance.

I've been spending laid-back surfing hours, to begin with. Ditching the blogsite deliberately (yeah???). I don't know, maybe this is one of those days that I lay low transfiguring life into pack of words :) , short of saying ... "laziness"? hehe.


-- My notebook's HD screwed-up, and as a certified "non-back-up user", I almost turned my crafts into waste, most importantly my dearest DIGISCRAP KITS. Good thing, hubby backed-up my files early this year, so I was left chasing files done after that time. Thanks also to DSP for extending help re-providing links for the kits I bought from them. To make the long story short ... I bought a new 40GB HD (ouch!), and still seeking a professional help to retrieve the files from the old HD (God, please???)

-- Hubby was home for a two-week-vacation last May. I personally drive to fetch him from the airport with my son and nanny, that was my 2nd time. And first time to send him off (after his short stay), me as a driver (we usually asked his brother to drive during send-offs). His brother was unavailable at that moment, and I was left with no choice, I drove the car reluctantly. Until now, I'm still thinking how did I manage to drive back to our house sound and safe with a very heavy heart. It really pains me to see him walk-away (sigh!).

-- I've been close-guarding/shielding my son to have a prolong chat with nanny Sally. I don't wanna sound like a hostile employer here, duuuhhhh!!!! Of course, I have a reason. I've been training my son to converse in english, and everyone in the household follows this simple rule. Jett jumpstarted talking and easily picks-up and uses every single word he hears. However, everytime he has a talk with my nanny, before I knew it he is already using "slang" tagalogs. Like kawawa, Jett will say wawa (hearing him saying that, really freaks me out!) ... and more! Of course, I couldn't ask so much from her since she is a high school undergrad, but, hello??? I wasn't asking for royal terms! As simple as eat, drink, run, walk ... all she has to do is to follow and learn as well. For now, I think, she is getting the message right. Her speaking bits and pieces of english make me smile, though not too complacent still. Hmmmm ... that is yet to be seen.

That is all for now! I hope I could update as much as before (wink!).