Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wedding Season Once Again

I don't know what's with me during this time of the year. I'm spellbinded with every womans' ultimate, absolute, paramount desire ... her "DREAM WEDDING". I'm turning no less fascinated as if I haven't had a wedding. Browsing every sites that says something about the jitters and the details of having a church, garden, or beach tie-knot.

I had a very simple and fastracked wedding nearly three years ago, since I was 7months on the way with my son. I had in fact no qualms with the preps, coz we were in Bangkok then, and only be getting home for the ceremony and importantly the signing of the legal documents for my born-to-be son. We had the wedding on my Hubby's ancestral home in Caloocan and also the small get-together on that house.

Yet the function was very classic, the brides' glowing aura was undeniable, who happened to be myself, haha. I was on a simple 2-in-1 white maternity straight dress with bolero, bought in Pratunam for, if I remember it right, B650 only, after the haggled price, hahaha! My husband was equally on his best, wearing a modest short-sleeved barong and slacks. It was our firsts, so the ambiance was outpouring with emotions (you can imagine!).

I don't know why I'm re-telling this story, since I did made a post already 'bout this wedding on our 2nd Wedding Anniversary archive (October 29, 2005). Well, weddings will always be special.

I admit, I'm still dreaming of a, oh yes, a prominent garden wedding. Honey has been asking me when do I want that to materialize, coz he can give it to me whenever I want it. The thing is, my "wants" are less important now that we're already three. I mean, my priorities 5 years way back, are no longer the same priorities that I'm setting now.

Things change. People change. Though that "picture-perfect wedding" is still, and would always be my ultimate passion, I'm certainly not closing my doors.

There goes a cliche ... Perfect moment comes in perfect time ... the least I can do is to wait for that perfect time ... and I know and I feel ... it won't be long.