Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy 3rd Dad's Day Honey!!!!

On your 3rd year being a father, allow me to share 3 nitty-gritty truths about you're being a Dad:

1. He suffered from paternal post-partum-depression unwittingly (Honey, I'm sorry, but this is the truth, hahaha!). Right after I gave birth, I was confused why suddenly, he became grumpy. I mean, he suppose to snuggle me after all the hard-work of normal delivery, but he acted otherwise and was talking to me in the hospital like it was just an ordinary day. Well, it didn't take a while, coz when we got home to our apartment, his father figure to me and Jett started to show crystal clear.

2. Every single day on Jett's first 12 months, Honey necessitates me to take Jett's picture every day. There were days that I was too occupied and did not bother to take a shot of our son. Everytime it happens, whenever Hubby gets home from the office, he will take Jett's picture even if he was fast asleep. As a result, we have innumerable photographs of Jett. Care to count?

3. Honey has the longest string of patience I've ever seen to a father, not only for me, but above all, to our frisky little tyke. I remember, when we were in Hongkong without a nanny, Jett was so hyper enjoying the new environment. His father hung in with him, chasing around, and running after him ... paaaaaatiently. It was tiring yes, but never, even once, you will hear my husband raising voice against our son. If he figures out his voice is over the normal, he retract right away, and apologizes to Jett.

-- Honey, I believe I have opened my heart many times, on how privileged we are for becoming a part of your life. No words could affirm the gratefulness of having you as the head of this little family that we just started. Being a father that you are to Jett, I'm sure other kids would have reasons to envy him. Jett is more than proud for turning into a father who has all the goodness in heart, I can attest to that.

To cap off the day, in behalf of our son, allow me to say, HAPPY 3rd FATHER'S DAY!!! "Thank you" is an understatement, just keep in mind that we will always be here for you wherever fate brings us. We Love You!!! And we Miss You so much!