Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Hairstyle

Due to inadequate rest and sleep, my migraine eat me up the whole day of Wednesday last week. So the next day, when I felt that again, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I decided, by hook or by crook, rain or shine, I gonna need a "breather" slash "time-off", slash "break" that day.

In other words, I went to every woman's fave hang-out, the SALON. It wasn't possible to leave my kids in the house, Jett will go wild without me, and I breastfeed Jedd, so I tagged them along with a nanny and my niece.

I have not dyed my hair for ages, since I was pregnant. And now, that my belly is already child-free, I had my hair color treated, with matching streaks, hahaha! Oh, by the way, I had my hair done in David's Salon in SM.

Girls, everytime you wanna have streaks or color in your hair, always go to the experts. They are worth the price coz they certainly know how to take care of your hair. And my thankies also to the staff for allowing me to occupy a room where I can breastfeed my little one.

Whew! It feels soooo good to find my way back to my own-self again amidst all the work load of being a 2nd time new Mom. So I vow to do this regularly hehehe! By the way I pretty much deserve this, right Hooney? Next stop, facial and spa (wink!)