Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Day Learning

It is an exciting experience to finally let your little tyke spread his wings. And signing-up on a Nursery is one good start. Kuya Jett is already 3.5 years old. I wasn't sure if he really is ready to mingle with the other kids of his age in a confined room. So I enlist him to pre-school to give it a shot.

I enrolled him for only a month, sort of try out on how Kuya Jett will handle this new environment. So far, everything is fine and smooth sailing. I wake him up hassle-free in the morning. His class is from 10am to 12pm, so he wakes up at 830am. During his first week, I stayed in his school and waited for him to finish, but now I hired his Kuya Sonny to be his service using a tri-cycle with his classmate. He didn't either wail to death upon entering the class, unlike other kids who still have separation anxiety with their parents, ended up their moms or dads also attending the class with them.

But there is one, little, tiny problem. He doesn't listen in class, hehe. His attention span is still short, so his focus is not that good. Like what his teacher, Teacher Ann told me, Jett is like his supervisor, roaming around the room the whole time, looking for something to scrutinize, but hardly listen to her. Though if being asked, he can easily catch up. Oh well, I've seen that coming. Jett is a wiggly worm, hehe. I just hope, on the coming days, his hyper-self will somehow loosen-up and learn to be a listener.

For now, I'm still in the process of discerning if Jett will keep up his pre-school, so I haven't bought him his school uniforms yet. But I think, Jett easily got the hang of it, so we might as well continue his class till the school year ends.

I'm kinds teary eyed now, coz I know from this day on, inevitably, you gonna have your own life, own circle of friends, own time, and later on, you will leave Mom and Dad and get married. Oopps, red alert! Red alert! Hahaha!

I gonna have to stop right here, or else, my postpartum bugs will eat me a whole, hehe!

Have fun dear! Lav yah!

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