Wednesday, June 27, 2007


These are my two little boys. Ralph Jarreth aka "Jett" is the elder, and Renz Jarredh aka "Jedd", is the younger one.

I never thought that Jett will dote on his baby brother as early as his age. He used to ignore his brother during our first days of foursome. So, I thought, it was, but natural for him to behave like that, coz he is still young.

But now, it would be difficult to unglue him to his brother whenever the baby is awake. In the morning, as he open his eyes, the first thing he does, is check his brother if Jedd is already up, and if he is, he goes to our bed and nobody can stop him from snuggling the baby. He always kiss him, play with him, talk to him, or let his baby brother kicks his face, haha! He even wants to bring Jedd to school, or in the grocery (we leave Jedd at home sometimes), or anywhere we go which doesn't permit his brother to come. If he cannot see Jedd around, he asks me "Mommy, where is baby brother?", to reply with, "Baby brother is just with Mama (Lola)", or sometimes, "with Tita".

I hope Kuya Jett will carry on his affection to his brother 'til their growing years, and set a very good example to Jedd.


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