Monday, July 23, 2007

My First Ticket???

Yesterday, we went to Caloocan to visit my in-laws and Jett had his haircut with his Tito Ompong. There was also an appointment later that afternoon with Picture Company in Podium for Jedd's 2nd month studio portrait. Everything seems to be fine ... I thought.

On our way to Podium from Caloocan, along Aurora Boulevard, right in front of Central Colleges of the Philippines or CCP, there is this traffic light. It was red, but since yesterday was a Sunday, and no school, I thought it was okay to unstop. But 'twas a mistake. I found myself pulling-over, coz there was this policeman who stopped me right in the middle of the road, just few meters after the traffic light, for obviously, beating the red sign. Arrgghh! I didn't see the idiot! I should have stopped if I saw them. Actually, there was another L-300 van also halted. Gosh, it would be my first traffic violation ticket if ever. That is after more than two years of driving.

As I pulled-over, I put on a pretentious sweet smile (it sucks!), I was trying to use my charm so bribing would be my last resort (I sooo hate bribery!). "Boss, akala ko kasi hindi gumagana ung traffic light dahil walang school ngayon.", "Eh Mam, sana po pinatay na lang po kung hindi gumagana, patingin po ng lisensya nyo." Ewww ... I think I didn't wear my charmbracelet today, hahaha! I gave him my license, he acted like perusing it, but I know he was just waiting for me to offer something. He unpocket his ticket, "Mam, kunin nyo na lang po itong ticket nyo sa QC city hall, di ko na lang kayo i-be-beat ng red light, disobedience na lang ho." What the hell is the difference, duhh??!!

In short, I was forced to offer a bribe. "Sige na mama, bibigyan ko na lang kayo pang kape, Marilao pa kasi kami umuuwi, me newborn pa akong kasama." He showed a theatrical disgust, "Eh Mam, baka sabihin nyo naman ano ako ...". "Sige na ho, me appointment pa kami pupuntahan."

To make the long story short, I shelled-out P200 buyoff. When I texted Honey later that day about what happened, he told me I should have given only P50. Errr... I didnt know it should be that cheap. But anyway, I did broke-off a traffic rule, so I pretty much deserve the cost.

I then promised myself, to only go on legitimate u-turns, left turns, right turns, (well, I sometimes miss) and never beat a red light again. Amen!