Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Longest Driving Experience

Every Friday, Janay is color-coded since she ends with number "9". Good thing, MMDA, suspended the color-coding scheme or the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP) since Thursday last week, except in Makati (hmp! papansin talaga si Binay!). So, we visited Jett's pediatrician in St. Lukes on the exact date he was scheduled, which was last Friday. The major thoroughfares was okay, no traffic. It was just noticeable that many vehicles are travelling in NLEX, compared previously.

And then yesterday (Saturday), we attended two affairs. And definitely, our travel yesterday was the most memorable and taxing driving experience I ever had. Kuya Joaqui's 4th birthday party call time was 1pm. We left here in Marilao at 11:45am, and reached Glorrieta at 12:30pm, we were still early, so, we ate our lunch in Jollibee. Sayang, coz when the party was about to start, we needed to leave, and off to my brother's housewarming in Mia Alta, Antipolo. The thing was, it was our first time to go to his house, so we found it through a sketch. All the way to Antipolo from Makati via C-5 (wheh!) it took us an hour.

We left at 5:30pm from Antipolo. It took us 2.5hrs to finally be home back here in Marilao. Junction, Rosario, and EDSA (from Ortigas to Cubao) were jampacked (whoah!). It was the very first time, I seated that long behind the steering wheel, and I tell you guys, it was not a pleasing hap. My head was aching so hard. I didn't feel the pain yet, until I get-off the car, I immediately felt not good.

Furthermore, I didn't have the chance to take a rest already, coz I gave my son his dinner, and waited for few more hours to caught-up back his sleepyness (he slept in the car) before he drinks milk and at long last, fell asleep. That was my turn to retire for the day, but right after I washed, and cleaned my face, I no longer feel sleepy, though I still feel tired, and my headache annoys me. I felt lonely for one minute, and didn't have second thought, I called my hubby. I just wanna feel good and feel his presence and care, by hearing his voice. When he was here, and I am sick, especially on this instance, he takes care of everything, from feeding Jett, cleaning, and putting him to sleep. He massage my head with the all-around Vicks Vaporub and he lets me sleep/rest early. That's why I am missing him. But after we talked, I feel lighter, and turned-in for the night.

Today is Palm Sunday, I also fell to sleep, while putting Jett to his afternoon nap and wasn't able to hear the early afternoon mass when I usually attend. I know this is not an excuse (sorry!). Tomorrow is the start of the Holy Week, I don't wanna sound preachy, but let us perform our shares for this lenten season.