Saturday, April 01, 2006

Swedish Massage

Yesterday, I went to Bioessence for my supposedly only facial cleaning. Then, I learned that their Swedish Massage is on promo with Mint Facial cleaning inclusion. Perfect time for me, coz like all mom's out there, my upper back is killing me.

It didn't take a while, I avail the promo. For P599 (original P1200), I really got the best value for my money, and enjoyed the next 3 hours of my life.

Well, I think it doesn't hurt our tight budget, to once in a while delight our body with such soothing activity. After all, our body ingest all the stress we battle everyday, therefore it deserves a treat.

Who knows, if these indulges are still an arm away for us, in the future. (Hmmmm ... )

Oops, sorry guys, the promo is only until yesterday. You don't have to wait long though, coz starting today (April) they have another service cut-price, just check it out.