Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Perky and Skitty

A perky feeling, to finally found time changing my blogskin, for the second time of my blogging life. I thought of using a summer template, but it didn't work on my blog, but im hopeful to use it before sunny season ends. Just have to wait till the owner meet my queries and troubleshoot. However, thanks Aman for such a relaxing, huggable, and cuddly template I have now.

Can't help to be skitty and been counting the days. It is a 3-day sale in SM Marilao starting Friday. I've been holding my self back for the past days to shell-out my card and purchase the summer clothings Im dying to have. We have plan of a summer getaway when Hubby is home, but nothing is concrete yet. For the coming sale, they will give discounts mallwide so sayang naman ang discount, all I have to do ... is wait (hay! inip!). I also need to buy gifts for the events we'll be attending next week, so I'll be really saving money here.

For you guys living in McArthur thoroughfare, see you around on Friday!