Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Catching Up with ... a lonely wife?

It's been a while since I last came here. There are phenomena in my marital life, that I told myself should have been shared on this blog. They are all vividly crafted in my head, just couldn't make them possible to be jotted down here for three reasons:
1. More time with hubby and offspring - less time with blogging
2. Not so easy access to the net
3. With my son's adrenaline rush, can't afford to make "puyat"

Now I'm trying to re-live this journal, made possible for three reasons:
1. Hubby is in Bangladesh - more time blogging at night
2. Smart wi-fi wireless internet access subscription 24/7
3. I hired help to do the running after my son for me

So, what's up for me? Doing the same old thing, taking care of Jett, do the grocery, browse the net, watch television, read newspapers, the only difference is, I do these tasks half-heartedly now, because half of my heart is not here with me. My husband has to be away for us. It's just a sad thing that we are the reasons why he "needs" to be apart from us for a while. I know we're not alone on this kind of set-up, Daddy is abroad and Mommy&Junior left at home ... but I'm still not use to it, and I don't wanna get use to it if we have a chance.

Oh well, maybe I just, miss my husband to death. Understandably because, I'm very much dependent on him. Emotionally, physically, name it, I share half of myself with him. We do a lot of talking when he was here, we share everything, from simple to complex, to a more confound issues. I always ask his opinion on whatever I do, his insights are important for me, because I know he is the right person, who would give me the right answer.

In more than a month, he's gonna be home, reason that will keep me off the blue, and I can't wait to have a conversation-till-dawn with him again.