Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Crave-List

Before I turn in to bed last night, there are some thoughts loitering in my head. Apparently, these thoughts are the things and people that I've been missing to see, do, and wear.

1. Night out with Honey.
2. Movie date with Honey.
3. Preparing my husband's stuff going to office, from socks to hanky.
4. Whole day shopping, alone.
5. Tutuban malling.
6. Night-bazaar tutuban shopping.
7. Office works.
8. Officeware.
9. Tight jeans and blouses? hmmm...
10. 2-inch heels.
11. Faddy boots.
12. Chic necklaces.
13. Whole body scrub.
14. Back-massage.
15. Sensible and non-sensible talkfest with my friends.
16. Videoke with pals.
17. Going to the park every afternoon with Jett in Bangkok.
18. Manong's mami in Soi Rang-Nam Bangkok
19. Very good night sleep till 12noon.

and counting ....