Friday, September 30, 2005

Big in Style

Fashion tips for the full-figured
(an excerpt from Woman Today)

No more hiding beneath frumpy, un-sexy garbs. It's time to show and flaunt those curbes! Here are some styling tips that will surely come in handy for all the plus-sized females out there, courtesy of

1. Accessorize! It is important to choose accessories that are proportioned to your body size. Pick 1 or 2 bold pieces instead of small one.
2. Wear bright-colored clothes. The misconception that full-figured women should only wear black is a thing of the past.
3. Avoid clothes that are loose or too tight because they tend to make you look bigger. Instead, wear the size that fits you right.
4. Show some skin. Know your assets and flaunt them. Try wearing v-necks, off-shoulders, scoop necks, boat necks and cowl necks.
5. Wear the right underwear. Wearing a properly fitted bra makes you look great and feel much more comfortable.
6. Select flat knit, fine rib and jersey tops. Choose pants with flapless pockets, flat fronts, with just enough stretch for added comfort.
7. Wear at least 1-inch heel to make you look taller.
8. Boot-cut pants draw attention to great legs and away from your stomach.
9. If you must wear stripes, choose vertical rather than horizantal.
10. Have the right attitude! - be confident, be comfortable and feel sexy.

All righty then, helpful buzz for me!