Friday, September 30, 2005

PBB fever!!!

-- It originally started in Holland six years ago
-- The Philippines is the 31st country to host the said program and the second Asian country to air it
-- Since it's a franchise show, Channel 2 mounted it for a total amount of P120 million
-- The said station was only given two weeks to confirm their bid because another local producer was interested in buying it, Channel 2, however, won the bid
-- Pinoy Big Brother house is located at the Eugenio Lopez drive, in front of ABS-CBN's The Loop
-- The newly-constructed house is worth P13 million

-- For 100 days, the 12 housemates will try to survive without telephone, cell phones, radio, newspapers, computers, watches and without any form of contact with their loved ones
-- 12 housemates (of varied backgrounds, culture and beliefs) knew that one of them will be voted out after hurdling all the tests and challenges since day one of the show
-- Part of the elimination process is through text messages from the viewers, but only after the housemates have voted out the top two candidates
-- The grand survivor will receive one million pesos in cash, a brand new Nissan Frontier Titanium 3, house and lot in St. Monique Villais, and business from Ink For Less.

Hell yeah! I'm a certified PBB maniac!!! Pinoy Big-Brother is a different taste of television viewing. What made me hooked with this carnival is its free-spiritedness, no script, seems like a huge mirror. Sometimes we're falling-in and falling-out, sometimes we talk about other people's flaws, sometimes we care for them, today we lead, tomorrow we follow. But at the end of the day our aim is to survive, to survive the tasks and the obstacles mandated to us either by Him, by other people, or by the nature. Thus, PBB is a perfect reflection of "us".

Uma is my all-time-favorite. No make-believe, what you see is what you get, very straight-forward, say and do what he wants, most of all, he is an obvious smart being. I hated Cass from the start, for being so rigid, she wants everybody else to conform with her, but surely not the other way around. On the other hand, I despised Bob for his actions lately, I wanted him to be the next evictee. He is so bossy with no reasons to bossed, he is just a politician wanna-be. Yeah, I know he is from Marilao, but, who cares? ha-ha-ha!

I always feel bad whenever I missed the primetime happenings. I wish they will move the timeslot earlier or later, but not 10pm because I have to put my son in bed first and foremost. But when Im still awake and blogging late at night, I won't sure missed the UP-LATE, as in watching PBB at 1 o'clock in the morning (without interruptions, stop chatting with Honey and stop blogging)! It's not pretty obvious I'm an addict! Is there a rehab for this?