Saturday, September 17, 2005

My jeepney ride this afternoon

On my way to Meycauayan to buy software of Ulead Photo Express 4.0 c/o Tita May and Tita Judee, I took a jeepney. It is thirty minutes travel from here to Marilao proper, and transfer to other jeep which is another quarter of an hour (INSERT: I usually leave the house in the afternoon during my son's nap time, he will never allow me to leave the house without him). Im very much familiar with these places since I live here.

What made me unfamiliar is the trip itself. I flashed on things I haven't noticed before. Like this factory whose employees are under strike, with the look of their "kubols" in front of the gate, it's like they've been doing this protest for months, and why on earth I overlooked it? Also, there is this Dental Clinic a hundred meters away from our house, I was looking for a dentist to do dental check-up for my niece, oh my gosh, am I blind? The last time I remember my vision was 30-40, but definitely not eyeless, though!

I also observed a number of expats walking inside the mall and around the town. First, probably because it is safe for them to stay here in our province. Second, maybe there are lots of Bulakenas around the world and take home a foreign friend.

Still, let me defend myself for unspying. As a passenger, I'm completely an observer from left to right, right to left. I will miss nothing. But as a driver, I'm so mindless about the things around me but the road and the vehicles in my front and in my back. And since I drive, more than I ride, I lost spots.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my jeepney ride this afternoon, I was informed then.