Thursday, August 09, 2007

Certainly ... A Not So Good News

Apart from Jett's previous hospitalizations for the past three years of his life, last week Monday, is I think one of the lowest points of my Motherhood.

A small mass that we thought was only cause by a hard object plunked in between baby Jedd's eyebrows, was found out to be a cyst. Prior to that, a skull x-ray was performed, and nothing was found. Then his pediatrician referred us to a surgeon for a professional opinion why that lump has been there even before Jedd turned one month old.

The good news is, the cyst is benign or harmless and nothing to be alarmed of (wheh! Thank God, I was't myself 'till I heard this). The bad news is, since he is just a baby, and the fontanels are still open, a surgical removal cannot put through yet. So it will stay there for the meantime until his body is prepared enough for such.

Nevertheless, that fact still saddened me. Of course as a mother, you want your son to look normal. Admittingly, having a very visible, yet small mass in the face, is definitely not normal to see. People keep on asking, "What was that?". No matter how cute he is, they sometimes say "Awww... why the baby is angry?". Because the lump like I said, is situated in between the eyebrows, it gives an impression that he is like frowning. An offensive reaction is but natural for me, and it never fails to give me an "ouched" coz my son is a really happy baby.

What also scared me from the beginning is, you know, when you say surgery: blood, operation table, knife, recovery, confinement, blah blah blah. Until I found out through the internet, and hubby told me, that cyst is a common, out-patient, simple skin problem. Anybody could have it without any reasons, others even have plenty of it. You know, like warts (which I had mine removed on a facial center only). But just the same, it has to be excised or "cut-out" in order to take off the sac or what they call cyst wall, so it won't come back at all. (grrr.... it gives me goose bumps!)

Now, Jedd has a regular visit to his surgeon every three months to monitor if the mass is growing fast or otherwise. I just hope, everything would be okay, and the cyst will just disappear on its own and a surgical removal would no longer be necessary.

Come on! He's just a baby!!!