Monday, March 05, 2007

Kiong Hee Huat Chai!

We went to Binondo to co-celebrate Chinese New Year with Chinoys. And somehow trying our luck for this year, by getting along with the Dragon, heard the afternoon mass in Basicilica de San Lorenzo Ruiz (formerly Binondo church), dining in one of Mr. Ube's restaurant, and of course, buying hopia to the well-knowned Eng Bee Tin store. And to our delight, especially Jett, the bonus of a "caleza" joyride.

This is our Year of The Pig Forecasts:


You should have a fairly good year and so much better than 2006 with only a few little hiccups. There are plenty of opportunities where success can be attained but hard work is expected on the part of the Goat. Use your natural foresight and intelligence and do not let success blind you to the correct path. Due to the influence of distractions, the Goat needs to focus on tasks in hand. Do not rush into decisions without thinking them through.

The year will be much better than 2006 but you will need to work hard and this can come at a price, please take time to relax and try and do some exercise like Tai Chi etc, your mind and body will need looking after in 2007 and you may even be looking at changing your career path so expect some unusual feelings of changing direction in 2007.

This will be a busy year and whilst all should go well with career and finance you can overlook partner's needs, so make sure you make time for loved ones whether it is your wife, boyfriend, Mother, Sister or best friend. A good year for finances and investments but make sure you read the small print as the annual stars suggest legal issues and back stabbing so be careful. Make sure you leave time for yourself and try to relax more as stress can be an issue and you may feel down at times, whatever is on your mind right now it WILL pass.


Compared to last year 2007 will seem a walk in the park, I am sure you have come across some websites or books predicting 2007 to be bad for the Rooster but I do not think it will be that bad. There will be some things you need to be aware off but providing you follow this advice and also our annual flying star advice the year should be okay.

You must be very careful signing contracts and make sure you get them double and triple checked and then check them all over again. With regards to wealth, business and career, 2007 can be a year of seeds you planted over the last few years which will now blossom, so please make the most of this year; this is particularly true for Roosters born in 1981. Your busy lifestyle can cause stomach problems this year so please be careful, I would place a brass Wu Lou beside your bed especially if it is located in the northeast or northwest.

For the Rooster in business and career this year will be much better than last although you should not boast too much with colleagues or competitors as there are a few people out there that may want to back stab you and tell many lies to make you look bad, make sure you wear your protection animal for the year and more importantly remember my advice as being prepared is good. In business you may also be offered a partnership and you should look at this as being positive ensure you spend time looking over any small print on contracts. Free Samples designed by Michelle Shefveland