Thursday, March 01, 2007

Red Letter Day @ Club Mwah

Just like some other couples, who wanted not to mingle with the hustle and the bustle of Feb 14 itself, we observed Valentines Day three nights past. And the exciting thing about that was, we chose the most-talked about high-end theater-cum-bar, billed by the much talented transsexuals in town ... the CLUB MWAH.

We really had a grand night. 75% of the guests were foreign visitors. It was an incontestably exceptional slash spectacular slash expensive production which turned every fellow very much into it. I definitely am proud that one doesn't have to fly to Broadway or Vegas to see such shows, just passed by this place, and you sure get the nearly real thing with applause.

Well, mine is now one of the statistics. You can check it out yourselves, by clicking at their website here and learn all the informations you needed. Better yet, watch their performances from Wednesdays to Saturdays. They are now featuring: Bedazzled 7, Follies de Mwah.

Congratulations to all the Club Mwah performers! You are one of a kind!

Title: Moonlight & RosesCreated by Meryl Bartho © 2005 Meryl Bartho
Celtic Carve AlphaCreated by Kim Liddiard