Monday, August 14, 2006

My Weekend Ramblings

It wasn't a fine weekend for us. I needed to bring Jett to his Pedia last Saturday. He spewed his food for three consecutive nights since Thursday to Saturday. The doctor then, found out that his throat is reddish, which undrive him to eat and lost appetite for days. And a URINALYSIS divulge that my son also has a UTI. His sucker for playing and watching videos brushed off his call to pee.

Thank GOD, he is now I think getting better. His appetite is recovering, and no throw-ups since yesterday. The doctor noted to give him Augmentin, an antibacterial suspension, to take-up for a week, and that really of huge help for Jett, to get well sooner.

I don't know, it is becoming a series that everytime his Dad is nearing home, there would always an instance of non-scheduled visit to his Pedia. Coincidence, or just the weather? I really don't know. My husband is now weary whenever he is coming home that Jett will get sick again.

Oh well, I am relieved that Jett is okay now. We'll be back to his doctor on Saturday for another test and check-up. I hope we can still make it on Boracay while Honey is still here for a work break.

On a lighter note. I bought this bag two days ago. After St. Lukes, we passed by SM to buy snack as pasalubong. While waiting for my take-out pizza from Pizza hut. I tiptoed my way to Guess store. They are on a month long sale. But, like the usual, I still ended up buying a non-red-tag bag (sigh!). It is so lovely! Can't resist!