Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Called It a Day "Sick"

Three sleeps ago was a not-so-good-day for me. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning coz my head was spinning. No, t'was the things around me that were literally spinning as I saw them. My gosh, seems like an earthquake. I sat down and was trying to pull myself back together thinking it was just a daydream. When I thought I was okay, I lazed down to re-hibernate but I threw up instead. And I vomit several times until the sun was up.

The culprit? Well, we attended a party on that day, from Caloocan, where we came from (visit in-laws) to SM Manila, where the party was, and then I dropped my friend Venus to their house in Sta. Mesa, SM Marilao after, and finally home (Marilao). It was a strenuous and long day.

Aside from that, I wasn't eating right the past months. Like, I eat rice for breakfast, skip lunch, mid-afternoon snack, then soup only early evening (I have not much of an appetite since Honey was away, huhuhu). I mean, that is an effective weight shed off, but on a long drive??? Very unacceptable.

My body was on dire need of a complete rest and no sudden movements, so I stayed in bed with proper and on time food intake. But of course, I still managed to take care of my son's daily routine like meals, snack, bath, nap, and sleep time. Well, I have to, hehe. I just can't afford to delegate those tasks to others.

For now, I definitely resurfaced in good spirit. In fact, I already hit the road yesterday for my son's medical and dental check-up (without lunch still, hahaha!). It was a rainy day yesterday.

On a different note, nanny was on a vacation for one month since today. I'll be needing a make-shift yaya for a while. Especially now that Hubby is coming home soon.

Have a healthy Tuesday!