Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gwapo Or Matalino?

Did you watch Homeboy yesterday? Guests were Claudine Barreto and Kris Aquino promoting their new movie Sukob (can' wait to see this another box-office giant).

Let me cite a few lines of questioning of Boy Abunda to Kris Aquino.

BOY: Pants or Skirt?
KRIS: Pants

BOY: Pajamas or Lingeree?
KRIS: Pajamas

BOY: Ate Vi or Ate Guy?
KRIS: Ate Vi

BOY: Matalino or Gwapo?
KRIS: Gwapo

Hmmm.... I wonder why she did mention gwapo (coz most girls will prefer the former a little over than the latter) ??? Is that for a reason that James Yap is all face? Or maybe not, just height (?).

Just asking ...... :)