Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Textmates? Anyone???

Are you sad? Are you alone? Nobody to talk to? Text to? Well, this is your lucky day man! Coz I have the cellphone numbers to your problems! Yes folks, you heard it sooo right, cellphone numbers, as in, eleven-digit numbers starting with zero, SMART, TALK&TEXT, GLOBE, TM, SUN CELLULAR, etc!

I'll be giving away their numbers, for F-R-E-E!!!

Here they are :
1. 0918-3559376
2. 0921-4579878
3. 0927-7949908
4. 0918-6907039
5. 0919-4366331

May I just remind you mates, that these people are sleep deprived, and lost souls, so learn to adjust to them okay? They are recently (again) trying to get in touch with me but I declined the offer.

This goodwill is in-line with my previous post dated June 22.

Gantihan lang yan! Hehehe!