Friday, July 14, 2006

WEATHER I like it or not ....

Its been raining for days. Thanks to typhoon Florita, classes were suspended (Jett got to play with his Ate Patricia), and we were not turning on the air-con for the past two days, neither at naps or at nights, we are using electric fan instead. An energy-saver for sure. We are paying an average of P4+++ every month on our power consumption, and for a small abode like ours, hefty that is. Hah!

On the other hand, there are donwnsides of this downpouring season. Jett is home-confined since it is always raining, he cannot play and wander around the neighborhood. He's been watching videos reiteratively all day. His fave disc this time, are buddies Woody and Buzz, the TOY STORY part 2. He even already mastered the lines, the haps, and the actions, hehe. He just junked pile the movie CARS as his latest video craze. He found it stereotyped after frequent plays. Well, what do you expect? Kids easily got fed-up.

On a lightless note, our sympathies to those people who lost lives or family members due to typhoon Florita. It is just so sad that this government still and will always lack of pre-emptive measures during this ordeal. Albeit the awareness that we are one of the most hard-hit countries troubled by typhoons. A distress we were left with no choice, but to face through. WEATHER we like it, or not.