Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blessings in Disguise

Well, let me start by sharing a not so good beat. I called up BPI yesterday about the rebate of the said "insufficient fund fee" they charged us, amounting to 6k to our current account. It was daunting the demand was rebuffed, by what was claimed by the Manager, spurned by their immediate Directors. No considerations at all. Or even just charge us with a minimal fee (and not a beefy 6k), would be okay perhaps. But it turned out otherwise.

Oh well, how inconsiderate BPI is, what can I do? Life, that is! Sometimes fair, sometimes not, hahaha! I might as well just talk to Banco De Oro if they can upgrade our savings account to current so we can transfer our money right away, as in now na! hehe.

Anyhow, we easily worn-off our fuming disgust against BPI. You know why? Coz the recent outpouring of blessings are far more than the amount we lost. Like what I said to my husband "di bale, babalik din yan, doble pa", and in a snap of the finger, God gave us more than what we asked.

We must have done something good in our life, that God have been providing for us since the day one. Things are vividly leaning to our favor now, after a while. He really gives what you deserve, in His own pace, in His own perfect time. Life is at times unfair, but God will always be fair.

Anyway, so long BPI, thanks for the unhappy thoughts you bestowed to us, hahaha! Sayang, I just bought a new checkbook pa naman, nautakan na naman nila ko, grrrrr... :)