Saturday, July 15, 2006

Princess Lulu is Back

Hell yeah, I'm just so happy that she is finally back! Princess Lulu replay by request started last Monday, in its newest timeslot 1130am after Homeboy, or before Game Ka Na Ba. I now catched-up the first few episodes I missed before, which I thought I wouldn't see ever, hehehe.

I don't know, I'm watching this program for the second time, and all along, I'm still moved by the charisma of the three leading artists (Lulu, Marco, and Stephen), and mesmerized with the characters on portray (kilig!)

Sus, pagbigyan nyo na ko noh. This is a must-see series for a house-band like me I guess. Coz in every melancholia attack, hah, trust me, Lulu's feel-good and kilig factors, are sanity savers! Hahaha! I'm sure you gonna love her too!

Happy viewing!