Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bienvenida Honey!

In less than 7hours, me and Jett will be seeing his Dad again. That is after 3 months of working miles away from us. Well, technically, he's been flying to and from Bangla for more than a year now, with 2 weeks vacation every three months. He is an Engineer Consultant to Motorola operating in Bangladesh.

Oh well, what can we do, money is really overseas. Thanks to red tape, corruption, and political bickering that the best human resources this country have are fleeing away from their own land. Sacrificing the pleasure of seeing their offsprings grow right to their eyes. Sigh, I don't wanna spoil my day, okay =).

Anyway, can't hide the fuss, I woke up extra early today. There is something different this time, that is why. It is only me and my son who will fetch his Dad to the airport. No nanny, coz you know, nanny is still on a vacat ion right now. It is gonna be the first time that we will travel alone, and first time that we will go get Honey direct from here (Marilao) to the airport, just the two of us. Well, Jett is a more manageable toddler now as compared before. He listens to her Mom, whenever I say, stay seated and buckle up. He sits in front passenger seat.

Honey is now in Bangkok. He left Chittagong (central Bangladesh) yesterday, to Bangkok where he spent overnight, and fly to Manila this noon.

Okidoki, gonna go now. I still have to ready our stuffs for our two days stay in Caloocan, to my in-laws, where we will be heading right from the airport.