Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mommy Moment

Much to my delight, Jett is now officially "toilet-trained" at 2.5 years, yehey!!! After one week of training and rarely had a missed or accidents, Jett is now voluntarily using the toilet. And take note, he is using the 'big' toilet, and not the small pot or the potty chair (he was scared to it).

My pre-conceived notion about this milestone is, it gonna take time, but my son proved me otherwise. He easily got the hang of it. Well maybe, I'm a strict teacher, haha! I just explained to him that he is now a big boy, and should be using the toilet already, like grown-ups do. And from that instance on, I started his day nappy-free (except at night of course).

It doesn't interest me at all if Jett's toilet learning is early nor delayed. But I found the potty-readiness to my son as what mentioned by A. Eisenberg et.al., in the book What To Expect The Toddler Years:
- Psychological readiness
- Bowel movements regularity
- Increase awareness of the pertinent bodily functions
- An interest in neatness and in being clean and dry
- An understanding of key concepts: the difference between wet and dry, clean and dirty, up and down
- Familiarity with the toilet terminology used in your household, whatever it may be
- The ability to communicate needs and to understand and follow simple directions
- An interest in wearing underpants instead of nappies
- The ability to do some simple self-dressing
- Curiosity about the bathroom habits of others

Like earlier before sleepy time, right after his milk. While I was doing my own bedtime routine (myself first and Jett after), I was inside the bathroom. When I was done, I saw him sitting on the floor very quiet. That was odd, coz you would see my son climbing the windows, running around, waking up Ate Patricia (my niece), or playing his toy cars, but not idling in just one corner of the room. It seems like he was actually waiting for me to go out from the bathroom. I asked him "What's wrong?", and he told me "Mommy poo-poo." That's it! He was putting in a halt the poop to come-out, since I'm using the toilet, he just sat down and waited for me to finish (hmmm, clever boy!). He really hates himself getting wet or getting unclean. You will in fact hear him cracking a "Yuck!" or "Eeooww!" hahaha!

I'm just so happy and proud that at least, he is nappy-less before he reach his 3rd birthday! Way to go son! Dad and Mom are so proud of you!