Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Natal-Day Celebration at St. Lukes, et.al.,

My Birthday:

I almost forgot my birthday, 'til my mother send me a greeting thru sms the night before my birthday, then I realized, oh, tomorrow is my day, tomorrow, I'm a year older, and probably, a year wiser. I was so pre-occupied by my son's admittance in the hospital three days before my birthday, and was so excited by an announcement given by my husband that he is coming home on the 10th (which is my birth date) earlier than planned coz Jett was sick. The luxury of being with my husband for moral and emotional support, and Jett was fever-free and regaining, were the greatest gift I got on that day.

Jett at the Hospital:

Jett was having a fever for five days, on the third, I brought him already at St. Lukes all the way from Marilao Bulacan, it becomes apparent, that his pediatrician was not in, I mean, all the pediatricians at St. Lukes were in a post-grad seminar simultaneously that day (darn them!), and a doctor from ER took-over and instructed me to bring Jett back after two days if the fever pursue.

So, we went back on the fifth day, and right there and then, he was admitted. Good thing, I had seen this coming, so I bring with us Jett's baggage even before we went to his doctor.

I was so scared that day because my husband was not here, I know nothing worse will happen to my son, but I still wanted to be with my husband at this point to share my sentiments and worries, and then, everything will be okay.

Jett undergone several tests, x-ray, blood test, skin test, primary complex, urine, stool test, and they all turned-out negative. Funny, coz you wont hear my son screaming to death in injections, but only cry because he was hurt by the device, and then, he'll go back to sleep, or go back watching television.

As per the test results, the doctor concluded the fever was triggered by a viral infection which a person or a child gets inevitably, because it is in our environment, probably airborne. Jett loves to play outside the house, maybe that is why.

On this note, I would like to thank all our visitors, Tita Judee, Tita Odessa with Kyle and Sam (Kyle was not allowed to see the patient since he is below 7 y/o), Cyrus my friend, Lola, Tito, and cousins.

Honey is Home:

My husband was supposedly going home on the 15th of October, but came back 5 days earlier because of what happened. His flight was Chittagong(Bangladesh)-Bangkok-Manila. He stayed overnight in Bangkok (he bought new pair of teddy for Jett, exactly the same like, Jett's teddy is out-washed coz he's been using it for nearly two years bought also in Bangkok), arrived early at the airport, and took his chance for a seat at Thai Airways, apparently, all seats are booked, so he bought a new ticket for Kuwait Airways and flew home.

After barely three months of being away, Jett did not forget the looks of his father even a bit. He holded and played with his Daddy, and started walking around the room with Dad even on a tipsy mode.

Stuff and fluffed, I am more than glad that my hubby is here!

Losing Weight:

A week before Jett's sickness, I was a hundred and eighteen pounds (118lbs), but after he got out from the hospital, I am now one hundred fourteen pounds (114lbs). I couldn't eat and couldn't get enough sleep, I was so exhausted, that is why we are now chilling-out and spending days full of sleep, me, my son, and my husband.

On my dismay, my son lost 300grams from a week of confinement, good thing, he is eating a lot now. He really missed his Jollibee chickenjoy. Seems like nothing happened, he's still my hyperactive little tyke.