Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Fun!

check our Yahoo Blogsite Halloween album for more pictures

Jett participated on Trick or Treat Halloween event of SM Marilao. Kids under 12 years old are dressed in their scariest, funniest, and cutest halloween costumes. I bought a pineapple inspired costume for Jett, though it is not so halloweeny but I like the colors (hehe!) and he looks cutie wearing that. We buy this pumpkin basket, and as you walk through a stall or botique they will fill that basket with treats of candies and goodies.

The affair is taxing for me, first; it is a long holiday break from school and work, lots of families are there, second; we left Jett's stroller in Caloocan (darn!), so I had to carry him most of the time or he will run as fast as he can if I let him go, and third; he dislikes his nanny, so I had to bring him with me wherever I go (like the fastfood counter).

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see that Jett was able to join his first ever trick or treat experience here in Philippines, and that pays-the-whole-thing-off.