Friday, October 28, 2005

From Him --- To Me (An Anniversary Citation)



Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!! Time really flies. Imagine, its been 2 years now when we became one.

Ever since you came into my life, I have come to know what life and love is. Before you came, I was living a life that was lifeless. There are no colors that I can see, and no roads that I could walk. Before you came, there was an empty feeling everytime I go home. Somebody is missing somewhere.

My friends and relatives have told me that I am already a successful man, who has almost everything anyone could wish for. I do have a stable job in a multinational company, which offers a lot of perks with frequent foreign trips. A little abode is also available. But to be considered successful, one has to be happy, and I’m not. To be considered successful, one has to discern its meaning. Success is sweet if you have somebody to share it.

All of these have changed when you and I became one 2 years ago. Our wedding was the culmination of my dreams. Prior to the ceremony, when you accepted me as your would be partner in life, I was really excited. My heart was trembling for I would be tying the knot to the woman of my life. I almost choked up during the ceremony, for my dreams have come into reality. I married the prettiest, extra-ordinary, and most fascinating woman in the world. You.

You’re my life Honey, and I intend to be with you, together, for the rest of my life. Without you, I am nothing. Without you, I cannot live. Without you, there is no life.

Happy 2nd year to us. Wish I was there.




1. Joan is sweet

When Joan and I became a couple, she never forgets to give me something during an occasion like anniversary, birthday, father’s day, etc. It is me who usually forgets.

2. Joan is brave

The day Joan was about to give birth, her water broke in the middle of the night (about 3AM). What she did astonished me. She first read the pregnancy book guideline, and woke me up after checking that everything is alright according to the book. She is ready to go, and it was me who was panicky on that day.

3. Joan is stubborn

There were many occasions that the phrase “what Joan wants, Joan gets” is really applicable. No amount of effort will persuade her to change her mind

4. Joan is a full-blooded blogger

Sometimes Joan would stay up to 5AM just to redo her website to make it better

5. Joan is a real Mom

If we were out dating, and Jett is left with her Grandmas, Grandpa, Uncles, or Aunties, Joan would call the house every now and then to check whether Jett has taken his snacks, dinner, or lunch. She wants to make sure that Jett is taken cared of. That’s a real Mom.