Saturday, October 29, 2005

From Me --- To Him (An Anniversary Citation)

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(I was seven months pregnant then so don't be surprised if I'm bloated :) )


Dearest Honey,

Do you still rememember the night before our wedding day? We barely got a sleep. We woke up so early on the day of our wedding, but the glow in our eyes were still there. We had a very simple wedlock rite, yet the emotions are outpouring. There is no way I gonna forget how you pretended not to hear the priests' dictation on the part you were wearing the ring to my finger. The truth was, you were just buying some time to recall your shaky voice, or else you gonna cry. It was so distinguish, which made everybody laughed ... and also cry, like our parents and relatives. While me, as the ceremony started, I already whispered to our Ninang Joy to hand-pass me a box of tissue, even before the water from my nose comes out first before my eyes, that is how I weep.

As I'm writing this letter, I can't help to smile, and be sentimental, like there's a fist in my throat. It has been two years, and the feelings are still the same. My love for you grows inevitably. And everyday, it is getting better, and stronger. Again, I wanna thank destiny for bringing you to my life. I know our start was not easy, but you hanged-on, perservere, and love me unconditionally, and I commend you more for such.

If I have the freedom to re-choose a path to walk through, I choose again a path where I have you by my side. Coz I know that path will bring me to a nearly perfect life of love and happiness ... and I'm very much certain on that.




1. Bobby is a techy-savvy

Wherever we go, he makes sure to check all the latest gadgets in town. Names I haven’t heard before. He fixes my computer, well, he "always" fixes my computer whenever it crashed. And he likes to butingting any cables, just anything that has wirings.

2. Bobby is a High-end Watches Fanatic

He had tried to his wrist in all the watch botiques in Bangkok and one here in Manila, the ROLEX watch he is been dying to acquire for himself, (in addition to his two expensive watches). Many times I thought we gonna buy it, but he constantly changing his mind, hesitating because of it's pricy tag.

3. Bobby has always have a big heart

He is always willing to help other people aside from his relatives. He finds pleasure in extending help. He believes good things you send, better things to receive.

4. Bobby is a well-rounded person

He can talk to anybody about anything, he is a wide reader that is why. This is one of his traits which swept my feet off from the start.

5. Bobby wants to retire on a farm

He always wanted to be a farmer. That is why he wants to retire on a farm with lots of trees and animals. He used to breed roosters, and I think he wants to continue that on our retiring life.