Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Emotional Baggage

I was so hesitant to send my husband to the airport. I prefer to stay home (like what I did the last time he left), anyway, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law will be with him. But I felt, my husband really wanted us to be with him even for the last few minutes before he fly, so I decided to come alongside Jett. Actually, everytime he leaves, few hours before, my husband prepares a towel. I'm a lot-of-tears, lot-of-mucus, cry baby, and he knows that.

Like what I expected, the emotional baggage of seeing him go, physically, is really a heart breaker. Him leaving, and us, staying, have always been an ugly picture for me. And it disturbs me on how many more "ugly pictures" I need to go through. A sacrifice we all have to do.

Oh my gosh, I'm getting too sentimental again. Sigh! And this is just the beginning.