Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'm growing ....

Ralph Jarreth "Jett" Santiago, is our son's complete name. He is exactly 11-month old now (11/24/04). If my hubby is my "better half", this little guy is my "other half". He calls me "mam-mam", and he calls his dad "bab-bab" (first name basis???). Everybody in the hotel where we live, loves him, and funny, Jett loves them too! I remember an instance, when we were compelled to stay home because Jett was sick, the receptionists called me in our room to ask why Jett did not play with them that day ... I bet, they will cry when we leave this place.

We always spend time to air out, at the mall on weekends or holidays, or at the park on daddy-is-in-the-office days. And during these days, I anticipate these lines ... == "puying?" (girl?) .... no, "puchay" (boy) ... ah, "narak" (lovely) ==.... and of course, do not forget the wipes for the kiss-taker :)

Just like his dad, his eyes' color is brown, and the hair is dark brown too. And whenever the lights of the sun touch his face, his cheeks turn rose ... everytime he bids a sweet smile, his dimples in his right cheek and in chin show-up.

Now, he just started performing his first independent steps, apparently, his dad is not here to witness how Jett gracefully, carefully, and slowly, watches his step, just to keep his balance and reach his destination. His dad is very much excited to see him showing off. Jett is no longer a baby.

I really can never explain the elated feeling of seeing my child growing up right before my eyes. I just wish .... that he remains to be a child ... forever ... just .... a wishful thinking .....