Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Dream Modern House

Three more months to tick off the calendar and we will finally set foot to what I define, the consummation of my husband's hardwork and sacrifices working in foreign countries, away from his family. And my fair share of sleepless nights and exhausting days researching and trying to learn the new architectural trend of modern houses not only in the Philippines, but also of our neighboring Southeast Asian countries. This house is adopted according to Singapore and Malaysian architecture to be more specific.

The whole concept of this house, starting from its floor plan design, the arrangement of the rooms, the color of its facade, the accent color of the exterior, were all emanates from me (ehem!). Maybe if I'm familiar on how to use the auto-cadd, I might also have done it myself, printed it in blueprint, and just look for an architect to sign it, hahaha!

One attestation that I was completely succumbed in house designing when I started putting myself into this project, was my perfect attendance from all of the interior design/home improvement/construction exhibits assembled in SMX Convention Center and World Trade Center for the past two years. Together with my kids, and few instances with my hubby, I bring them along with me on these events. Even when we were in Kuala Lumpur last April, we were present during their Home Dec 09 Exhibition held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, wherein I found a very lovely and durable laminated flooring. Which I learned later on, that that brand is not available here in Manila. I should have bought some boxes already if I only knew. The said laminated flooring is a clever reproduction of a real wood. It is a good buy and not pricey when converted to peso, compared to Kronotex that we can easily find in home depots all over the Philippines. The difference is the former is made from Malaysia, and the latter is made from Germany.

We only got one shot, and this might be the first and the last time that we gonna build a house, so we might as well give it our best foot forward putting our hands on this dream house.

The house is bright and airy, with lots of glasses, wood, and steel as one of the major compositions of an ultra-modern home. Natural lights are prominent all over the house, you need not to turn-on your lights all throughout the daytime. It is like putting the outdoors in. Water feature in the living room is one of the focal points of the house, which is very visible as you enter the main door. We all know that the soothing sound of the water gives calming effect to people, and it is good in fengshui as well :), just don't turn it off to avoid the risk of dengue, hahaha!

Oh well, we still have to wait for a while until we see the product of our sweat and yes, even tears. Tears of stress, joy, and in one point along the way, disappointment (which I relay in another story) :) .

Have a blessed abode everyone!!!