Friday, June 19, 2009

Congratulations Honey!

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In an email forwarded to me by my husband last June 17, it says ....

" Dear Bobby,

Please be advised that the board of directors of Powercom PNG Ltd have noted your commitment as well as the good performance exhibited at work to date and have decided to award the agreed USDx,xxx net per month remuneration rather than wait for the completion of the 3 months probationary period as per the signed agreement.

The board hopes that you will continue with your very satisfactory work performance as well as your attitudes towards work.

If you have any query regarding the calculation of your pay or concern regarding the terms and conditions of your employment, I will be more than happy to discuss it with you when I return to POM on Tuesday.


I've said this before, and I'm sure I gonna say it a million times more in the future, that I am a fan when it comes to my husband's dedication and hardwork towards his profession. Its been only a month since he started working for Powercom/Eltech Engineering in Papua New Guinea as Operations Manager. I'm more than elated that his good intention to share his knowledge and talent with this company, and how he's been thriving hard to be one of the catalysts of this already on-top and successful institution, is now acknowledged by his bosses this early. You much deserve the recognition Honey! I love you so much and no word can fit in how proud we are of you being the man of the family. Take care always!