Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our First Ever Getaway as Foursome in CEBU!!!

Taxing it is, but the ultimate fun is irreplaceable!!! This is our first ever out of town travel as four after I gave birth to baby Jedd last year. We've been waiting for this day after our last getaway in Boracay last 2006, minus of course baby Jedd. We stayed in Crown Regency Cebu for 4 days and 3 nights. We actually received this free accommodation after attending a 90-minute presentation from Club Ultima who's been selling club shares among those who can afford to buy it, coz well, the price is not cheap, hehe! But since club share is a good investment (synonymous in the concept of stock market), we ventured to it.

The hotel that we stayed in, is totally class A in terms of amenities, service, and mouth-watering food. We in fact enjoyed the hotel place, more than we enjoyed Cebu, hahaha! We splashed to their edgy swimming pool with jacuzzi, shower falls, and mini swimming track for those who love to swim. The kids really had a great time. And for myself, how can I forget to try their massage service, which I forgot to remember what it is termed, hehe, but certainly not swedish nor thai, but uses aroma oil as well, and concentrated more at my stressed back area. Love it!

Well, about Cebu... The beach line in Mactan is unclean (I'm sorry to Cebuanos but this is the undeniable truth), with sharp objects you can feel at the sole of your feet. Definitely, not a water-fun experience for our kids, especially myself. It is so yucky! Unlike in Boracay that offers a very clean, white and fine sand walk moment. However, the jetski and boat ride is cool!

Furthermore, we find people in Cebu displeasing, referring to cab drivers, boat ride middlemen, service crew in SUTUKIL (a well-known open air restaurant of seafoods). We can really feel that they are after the money that we will shell out as tourists, and not to show kindness and honesty as local tenants. That is why it is understandable, that some foreign visitors like Koreans, are very mean to them, because of their money first attitude. It's a good thing we are not Koreans, hahaha! We just try to understand that their lives are less fortunate in terms of livelihood, and have not enough education to comprehend that tourism is a service-oriented word, and not realizing that theirs is a place, people from busy world are longing to go back time and time again. But with their behavior, I don't wanna go back to Cebu if we will stay not in Crown Regency Cebu, hehehe.

Mmmm.. in scale of 1-5, I'll give 5 stars for the absolute HOTEL fun experience. and 2 stars for the CEBU tour around. But at the end of the day, I think the most important thing is that, we went there to relax, unwind, grasp a new environment, forget the not so good recent memories, not think about the house and other people, and most especially bond together as a family. Which I certainly believe really did happen. It's refreshing to have an escape once in a while... or often... hehe!