Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanks GOD! The Groundbreaking...

The long wait is over ... in GOD's grace and will ... in Honey's hardwork and perseverance...
Finally... the much awaited GROUNDBREAKING...
of our dream house !!!

Holding on to the power of prayer and faith to GOD, we are hoping to move
summer of next year.

Thank you LORD for such a wonderful blessing of a new abode
for our little family.

This is such an incredible milestone for us, and we really are excited to
see how it goes, hopefully without a glitch.
We are so grateful of what you have blessed us through the years.
You may have taken a few,
but give it back to us more than double.
We lift it all up to you oh LORD, we heed your signs as our guidance,
let THY will be done.

NOTE: It is unfortunate that DEACON weren't able to finish our house. We regret meeting these people.

The Book page kit
Created by Lauren Bavin
Title: Stains, Splats and Splodges Stamp Set_01
Created by Meryl Bartho
Title: Basic Basic Page Kit
Created by Meryl Bartho