Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm pretty nervous on what will take place tomorrow on the promulgation of plunder case against the deposed President Estrada. Whatever will happen, one thing is for sure, it will make an impact to our local stock market investments, and this is the more anxious part for me, coz we do have. The market nowadays is kinda embattle due to the slowdown of US economy. Their jobless data announcement yesterday for August was surprising which hurts their market strongly, and I think one of the domino effects is what the economists called the sub-prime crisis, or many Americans can no longer pay their housing mortgages which is of course bad for the economy. Which is now the world market's problem (except for China, they have a very strong economy right now), including emerging countries like ours. Everytime the US sneezes, the whole world catch colds, and that explain why. Oh well, so much with these economic talks, they give me a headache :) .

Back to Estrada. Whatever the verdict will be, I just hope that we accept it to the widest of our understanding, especially to the former president's supporters. I think, this country is toooooo exhausted to handle another Edsa III or Mayo Uno (2001) chaos. I mean, if that will happen again (knock on wood), it will take another tedious process of healing the wounds and the divisiveness of people from different walks of life. And for the sake of our country, that is the last option that we need right now. A 7.5% GDP growth is a sign that our nation is not a hopeless case. Let us take our chances. Let us help our nation to take off, this is a group effort. So I hope some people will not only think of their vested political interests, and will not use this opportunity to flame-up the sensitivity of the issue.

Tomorrow will mark another chapter to our history. Jett and Jedd will read tomorrow's news on their history textbooks. In my heart, I hope that they will read a "just and peaceful" acceptance of President Estrada's judgment. Let us make them proud this time. I hope.