Friday, September 07, 2007

Jett's Close Encounter w/his Dentist

I'm so proud of you Sweety! You can now sit on the dental chair without Mum! You used to tag me along on that chair at every meeting you have with your dentist (but at home, he keeps on asking me when to go to the dentist, hehe).

When Dr. Giron asked you to be seated, I could tell that you hesitated a bit, but as you saw your fave mouthwash to be gargled on the small sink next to the chair, you loosen up right away, and quickly sat down.

Your dentist was so proud of you as well. He was delighted to see your grown-up ways, how much you had fun while you were having your teeth cleaned, and most of all, your complete and unruptured pearly whites! Thanks to the sealants he finally completed to put in your molars (his last two sets of molars came out recently). Now, they are 100% shielded from tartars and will never be damaged until your permanent molars come in. An "investment" if I may put Dr. Giron's word into mine.

At the end of the session, you got your price. A winnie the pooh sticker on your fist! Hahaha! In line with this, let me thank Jett's (and my husband's) dentist, Dr. Giron, for taking care of Jett's teeth since he was two years old. I could see that he has a very healthy set of teeth.

Because of that, we are more than happy to lieu that very loooong line on the 11th floor of pink building in St. Lukes, just to have an appointment with you, hehehe!

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