Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jett's 1st Educational Trip - Tagaytay

This is Jett's first ever educational excursion in school, so we definitely got excited about it.

There was a total of 4 buses on the said trip, comprising of all the students of Power Kids Academy. I brought along my niece Patrica as an accompany. The call time was 6am, but as expected, we headed out at 7am. And thanks to the rush hour congestion of Metro road, we reached our first stop of the day, the Flower Farm, at nearly 11 noon already.

We had our lunch in People's Park. We could have gone horsing, but the weather didn't permit us to do such, coz it poured. GORING's visit is really bad in timing. The whole trip was drizzly so we always have to bring our umbrellas with us to avoid getting wet. Sayang, coz I know Jett as well as the other kids, will surely have fun riding a horse sana. After lunch, we proceeded to Mahogany Market and I bought some beef for steak. This market is well known for its fresh and marked down price of beef. And for our last itinerary of the day, we moved to the one of the most famous landmarks of Tagaytay, the Marcos' Palace In The Sky. However, due to the storm, it was really misty up there, and didn't enjoy the downland scenery. The view was enveloped with thick fog. All we did was to took advantage of the place, and had our snapshots.

To wrap up this journey, I bargained for few pasalubongs and souvenirs. Strawberry jam, lengua de gato, pineapples, etc. A t-shirt with Tagaytay print for me and Patricia, and a very cute white bonnet for Jett, also named Tagaytay.

The traffic on the road back home was okay. We left Tagaytay proper past 6pm, and arrived Marilao at 8 in the evening.

I didn't find this voyage taxing. It was rather rewarding to meet the other parents and Jett's classmates, and how they developed that innocent camaraderie they have for each other. I also feel good to see the kids' affection for their teachers. It's cute everytime the teachers ask for a smack from the baby schoolers (pre-schooler).

On top of that, I'm more than happy to spend some time with my elder son. It's been a while since we last had moments together alone. It is priceless!