Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Got My New Passport

My freshly new passport arrived last January 31. Delivered right into our doorstep. I applied personally in DFA 20th of January to have it renewed since it will be expiring on July 3rd of this year.

Let me share you a little mishap on my way to DFA. We were in my in-laws in Caloocan that day, so DFA are just a couple of LRT stations away. I decided to go alone since it won't require long hours and taxing travel. I told Honey I wanna go by myself and they (Jett & Honey) can't come with me coz I knew escorts are not allowed inside (we no longer leave Jett with nanny, we missed him right away, unless his sleeping, haha). He dissented of course, but I insisted, armed with a reason that "Hey, I'm only pregnant, not cripple." And after a long rebuttal of arguments (he-he), the harder headed pregnant woman won.

The train was packed, little did I know, the first coach is designated for pregnant women, elders, and parents with kids. I took the middle coach for ladies. Many people are on board and they keep on coming, little and little air is circulating. On Gil Puyat station, just before Libertad station where I will get off, I started feeling dizzy and losing oxygen. My sight suddenly darkened, and one minute, I feel like I'm fainting. I prayed right away "Oh Lord, please don't let this happen to me. I don't wanna make a scene here, please let me reach my destination in my conscious." And thank God, just before the train make it in Liberatad station, I managed to put myself back together, and my breathing was normalized. As I disembarked the train, I texted Honey right away and told him what happened, and well, as expected, innumerous "I told you so's" were accepted.

Just the same, I still completed my task renewing my passport. I was in DFA for 2 hours. Thanks to a more organize and systematic procedure implemented. I only paid minimal extra charge for the delivery of my passport here in Marilao.

On my way home, I took again the LRT, but this time, I was on the first coach. Then I came to realized, I may not be a cripple, but I'm now sitting beside these special people who needs special treatment. Hmmm... am I in any way differs???

Note. Im really disgusted with my current passport picture. I had it done in a photo shop in SM. The photographer asked me to remove my accessories and jewelries. I asked her, "even the earrings???" coz I remember, I had my earrings and necklace on my previous passport. She said, "Yes". And when she was about to push that shutter, she then asked me not to show my teeth. I frowned, and said, "Why not? You mean to say, I'll be using my passport in 5 years showing my unnatural smile? Huh!". She apologized, and told me that, those are the newest policies. I was left with no choice, but to smile like an idiot. Only to find out, that jewelries and good smiles are allowable, as long as you're in collar attire. Hmp!