Monday, October 02, 2006

It Wasn't A Good One!

I'm just so happy that Honey finally is home last Friday, after a day and a night's delay of his flight, and many more irritating incidents.

First, due to typhoone Milenyo, his flight was cancelled from Bangkok via TG Airline. It was a connecting flight from Bangladesh where he came from. He had to stay in the airport for many hours cuing for further instructions. He told me he gonna spend a night in the airport since the flights were postponed until the next day at 7am. TG Air later gave an announcement, that they will provide a night's stay for free on a hotel for the affected passengers. That statement, according to my husband, was relayed after few hours at that, wherein many of the passengers already left the airport. But just the same, they spent the night in a 2-star hotel.

Second, the newest international airport in Thailand, the Suvarnabhumi airport, had its first day of official operation the day my husband left. It means they were the first passengers who step on the said new airport. I told him that since it is new, he should expect inevitable troubles, just like what happened to Hongkong. And like an angel tongue, I was true and correct.

The flights are delayed, no payphones, and worst of all, he found out upon claiming his luggage in NAIA, that his baggage was missing. Not only his, but many of the passengers' baggages were lost. It turned out that their baggages were left in Thailand, in its new airport. They only showed the world, that their system is far from ready!

The Thai Airways officials, made a promise to just deliver the baggages in their respective residences as soon as the luggages arrived. Good thing, after a day, Honey's 1piece bag, arrived.

Third, in NAIA airport. Since all the noon flights on Thursday were cancelled, NAIA arrival lounge and parkings were jam packed. Many relatives crowded the place waiting for their loved ones, including us. We reached the airport supposedly late based on Honey's arrival, but since many interruptions happened. We waited for another nearly an hour.

But on top of it all, I'm thankful that Honey is home, complete, safe, and sound. And I am now munching on my Bush Manshroom straight from Outback Bangkok, hehehe.