Thursday, September 14, 2006

Boracay Regency vs. Fridays

The following fundamentals were the things I considered upon choosing Boracay Regency and Fridays.

1. Triple "A" rating from DOT
2. Beachfront
3. Room with Verandah
4. Room with Bath Tub
5. Swimming Pool Amenities
6. Beachbeds
7. and most importantly; with Internet

And since we stayed on these two sanctuaries, and were pleased by the service of one over the other, we therefore culled to make an assessment.

STAY: 3days/2nights
What we like:
-- The service is excellent, staff are very polite, they treat you as VIP. Liza the babysitter is also soft-spoken and courteous.
-- Exemplary facilities, since the deluxe rooms, where we stayed were newly builty.
-- Sophisticated swimming pool. Kiddie pool for Jett, slide, circular shower bar that gives a rain-like impression, and most of all, jacuzzi for relaxing.
-- It is clean everywhere.
-- My personal favorite, are the fishponds. They give a calming feeling.
-- Food are the best!

What we did not like:
-- Nothing. I only have praises and good words for Boracay Regency. In fact, they exceeded our expectations. We should have spent our fourth night here.

Stay: 1day/1night
What we like:
-- Without batting an eyelash, the Premier Room is magnificent, and undisputably first-class.
-- Very private. Since situated in station one, you won't see much locals straying around nor offering you to buy something.
-- It was cool to welcome us with shell necklaces and welcome drink.
-- The sand are powdery fine and shining white.
-- Masseuse is excellently trained.

What we did not like:
Okay, here I go ...
-- First, I wasn't happy that they put us in the topmost room, considering we have a 2.5yo little tyke with us. So we have to battle like 30-40 steps just to reach our room, great isn't it? Well, of course I understand that Premier rooms are on the highest, but there are rooms on a lower-level, that could have lessen our gravity effort. Well, we were too tired and hungry then to object, we just shrug-off. But I won't miss mentioning it here, duh?!!
-- Since Premier Rooms are also newly built, the stairs going up there, are still rough, meaning, they are done yet. There are no available side handrails to hold on, coz like I said, it wasn't finish, and take note also that the steps are steep. And since we have a hyper kid who is use in hopping on the stairs, I then prevented him to do that and continuously reminding him to "be extra careful" when using that stair, coz he might hurt his skin or worst fall.
-- There is an ongoing construction just beside our room, a new hotel is improvising. And since we are on the topmost part and very near them, we became an instant boob-tube. The construction workers are watching every move we make, so we make sure to always close the windows of the room facing them. And obviously, construction is tantamount to "noise", so you could just imagine.
-- The room is like a modern nipa hut. When we moved to Fridays', I was suffering a hang-over from our night out. When the roomboy turned-on the air-con, I smell the nipa right away, and my gosh, I felt more dizzy. I was so thankful that the moment we went back from the beach on sundown, the smell is no longer there.
-- There were two bathrobes for adults, so I called the frontdesk if they also have a robe for my son, they told me none. So okay, we have clothes to press, I then again asked the frontdesk if they have an iron, they answered that they have an ironing service for a cost. I was dumbfounded, coz we travel a lot, and been to many hotels. And an iron sometimes with ironing board, and bathrobes not only for parents but for kids are being offered by some hotels. And why can't we not enjoy those small conveniences in Fridays, for asmuch as the penny we shell-out to them???!!! Heck, a $144 for a night stay, is I think, more than enough for an iron and a robe!
-- Me and my husband were trying to straighten up the reclined beachbed, we then asked a crew in uniform. "Natataas ba to?" (Can you straight this thing up?), he then replied with "Oo" (Yes) with a blank face, and fixed it. Did we hear him wrong? He omitted or forgotten to address us cordially as "Mam" and "Sir"? I was pissed-off that when that guy was walking away, I loud-voiced to my husband "Wala man lang Sir or Mam noh?" (No Sir or Mam?). My husband was also running mad. You know why? We despise ill-services! We paid to be served, and not otherwise!
-- We ordered a pizza for lunch. On dinner, I phoned the room service to re-heat the pizza. And then somebody came to get the pizza. I then re-phoned them to make an order, but the pizza was still in theirs. And then our orders arrived with the heated pizza. Thereupon, the room boy asked me "Wala na po ba kayong iuutos? Para isang bagsakan na lang?" (Are you gonna ask me no more? Just to do it one shot.) Great! Is he trying to tell me that he is getting tired to mount that 30-40steps high stair? And was asked him to go up and down twice? Are they not aware that the food we just ordered are 10x costly against the regular price? And 100x ladder steps are definitely included in what we paid! Hmp!
-- They do have LAN port, in fact several ports, about 5, but do they have a LAN cable to access the internet? None! Asked them why, the room are newly built and internet wasn't available yet for customer's use. Nice noh?! I confronted them, why then did you offer this room for occupancy? She told me, there are wifi access in beachfronts and restaurant. Hello??? Are we not on the highest floor and with a kid, to easily go up and down? We ended up not to using the net.
-- And to wrap it up, on our last day, the morning before we left, cable channels were totally cut-off, so nothing to watch on the television. To our dismay, Fridays fell short our expectations. I sent-forth all our dissatisfactions to one of the receptionists, and she felt sorry about the whole stuff, yet still, the damage has been done, and they certainly gave us no reason to go back.

We enjoyed Boracay so much, in fact that is one momentous, mind-blowing journey we had. Despite of all the pleasant and unpleasant, we still want to gaze that this trip was well-worth the expense.

My two cents worth!