Monday, September 04, 2006

Missing His Dad

We just arrived from my in-laws' house in Caloocan yesterday. Last Saturday was another bitter send-off. We sent Honey to the airport at noon, together with my brother-in-law who drove the car and my mother-in-law.

Heck! Send-offs have been a loathing plight for me for the past years, yet it is an inexorable truth, that Honey has to go for our living. In fact, I should be gratified that he has a good job providing for our wellness, just the same, can't help to be in despair.

This time, I feel more for our son, Jett. As he saw his Dad, waving goodbye and walking away from us, and Jett was staring from the open window car, I just told him that "It is okay, Daddy will just buy you chickenjoy, he will be back soon". And he never cried.

But when we arrived home, he started looking for his Dad. Several times in just a few hours his Dad left, he kept on asking me, "Where Daddy?". I answered him, "Daddy is inside the airplane." And then, he went to the bathroom, he was mindless even if the room was dark, he was finding his Dad. He checked the back doors, he still can't find his Dad, he went downstairs, still no traces of Daddy, and finally, ask me to open the main door so he can look for his Dad outside the house.

It is heart-wrenching when I explained to him, "Daddy has to be away for a while. Daddy is working so we can buy your toy cars, chickenjoy, new dress, and new shoes." I hope my son is old enough to understand the concept of earning and spending, sigh.

Yesterday morning, when he woke up he peeked if his Dad was sleeping beside me. "Where Daddy?", I replied, "Daddy is working".

This morning, he no longer ask for Daddy. Though once in a while he remembers to ask, but this time he already knew the answer, and ended up answering his own question, "working".