Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Escape to Boracay (Late Post)

Setting foot for the first time, in our countries' most bragged world famous White Sand Beach, Boracay, is an enthralling if not exhilarating moment for the three of us, me, my husband, and our son, who also happen to feast his first ever beach and sand experience. Well, we've been to Ko Samui Beach in Thailand, few years back when, but Jett was still a baby then, like 4-month-old, so we less enjoyed the water.

And since it was a turning point of our family life, remarking our initial visit, plus our first beach experience, and bonding moment for my two boys (Jett & Honey), I certainly planned it the grand way.

My shorter short list toss-up between Boracay Regency and Fridays. I was so undecided coz I both love these two after logging in to their websites and the reviews I've read about them. What I did was, I booked 3days/2nights to Boracay Regency, and 1day/1night to Fridays (I'll make another post of the distinctness of these two hotels).

Let me share our daily activities:

First Day Aug.22 - We left Manila in a cat-and-dog weather. I was so apprehensive that the rain may spoil our vacation. We chose the earliest flight of Cebu Pacific, 8:40am, to make room for more time of enjoyment. I only turned comforted, as the plane arrived Kalibo, and welcomed us with a not sunshiny but at least clear sky. We travel another nearly 2hours by land, in a tourist bus together with locals and foreign visitors, going to Caticlan. Then from Caticlan, we transferred in a boat for another 20mins to Boracay island itself. We were in Boracay Regency at exactly 12noon.

We ordered a room service, ate our lunch, and abruptly changed to our swimming wear, and hit the beach. Whoah! It was a picturesque sight, that absolutely gave pleasure and treasure to my eyesight. It is an undisputable fascinating view. Few more seconds and we were splurging ourselves in the water. Jett was really having fun. When the rain was bit showing, we decided to move to the inviting swimming pool of the hotel. We fall-off the the swimming slide one by one. Funny, coz would you imagine, it was hubby's first time to slide his ass to the pool, hahaha! On Jett turns, one released him from the top, and the other one is waiting on the bottom. We also tried the jacuzzi, it was so cool! We cap the day with our dinner in Prince Hendrick Restaurant with mouth-watering international cuisine, the culprit why I think I gained a few pounds, after I left Bora, hahaha!

Second Day Aug 23 - This is my personal favorite day amongst the four. The sun was so up leaning to our favor. We started the day with a hearty breakfast, again in Prince Hendrick. And then we arranged for a boating activity for P1,200 with a local guy. We went first sailing, and snorkeling in the middle of the sea. We used goggles provided by our banceros. Men! The underwater is an aquarium-like view. Jett even dipped himself in the sea, but only in the boat stairs and katig. He wasn't scared. We then visited the private Island Cove. Here was a cave, where you can see the fish playing in your feet, and a crystal clear green water. And then there is the Puka Beach. We stopped in this island for a while and swim. The sand is no lesser white in Boracay, they look fabulous. And on our way back, we passed through an island, shaped like crocodile that is obviously called the Crocodile Island, haha! It was one exciting activity.

At night, as Jett turned shut-eye. We didn't allow ourselves to miss the chance of exploring the island. We hired the babysitting service of the hotel at 11pm. Me and hubby took a leisurely walk in the vicinity, and check the night life haven of Boracay. We found ourselves ordering a Cali and Margarita on the rocks for me, and Jack Daniels in Chocolate Shake for hubby in The Hobbits House Bar (the waiters and waitresses are midgets) in D'Mall. Our pulutan is Crispy Pata, haha! We even smoke (which we haven't done for ages), talk, and giggle about our stories, just like the old times. We really indulge ourselves for this night out coz this may not happen again in the future, and besides, we're in Boracay!

Third Day Aug 24 - I woke up with a hang-over. I don't know, maybe because It's been a while since I tasted a Margarita, or, because I mixed drinking Margarita and Cali. My head was spinning. We were scheduled that day to move to Fridays situated in Station 3 (Boracay Regency is Station 2), 7minutes away from Regency, a van fetched us.

Fridays is a totally different place from Boracay Regency. The sand is so fine and so white. They welcomed us with a sea shell necklace, and a drink. My head was still spinning, but we still manage to swim in the beach. The day was so good, the sky was bright, and in between the shifting of the day and the night, we chanced upon seeing the charming view of sun setting. It was more than romantic!

And finally, my most awaited aromatheraphy massage in the beach. It was planned since I was aware that they offer this service in their website. Honey and Jett went back to our room so I can feel that time for myself (thanks Honey for taking in-charge of Jett). I laze around the massage bed, and the masseuse did the rest. It was so cozy, and the masseuse is so graceful, that I almost fell to dreamland. I cannot say any further, but it was so perfect! And, presto! My headache was gone like a spell casted away. That night, was one of the most dreamy nights I ever had.

Last Day Aug. 25 - The last day of the fairytale. No more further activities since we were leaving on half-day. It was the moment to pose some shots, and strike those smiles. We travelled another 2hours to Kalibo, and had our lunch to one of the native restaurants in front of Kalibo Airport. Many expats were also there. Our flight back home was 4:20pm.

This vacation was really an amusement of a kind. It was a binding experience for the three of us, especially with my husband and my son, who do not spend much time together because of his job. We feel more recharged and unwinded. I am now looking forward for our next getaway. We will surely be going back to Boracay someday. Our Boracay Escapade proved to show, that "Nothing Really Beats the First!"