Friday, September 08, 2006

My New Fragrance

I chose Leau ParKenzo as my latest scent in-use. Whenever I buy a perfume, I make sure to check the in-thing smells in the market thru newspapers and magazines. Well, I don't wanna left behind, coz you know, a 50ml bottle of aroma will take me forever to unfill, like 6-months, hahaha! So, if found out that I'm nearing to an empty perfume vial, I'll take note of whatever faddy scent I read, and check it in the mall whenever possible.

But of course, the cheapest place to buy your fragrance is none other than Duty Free Shops. But we bought mine in Rustans, sayang nga.

Leau ParKenzo is eau de toilette, meaning it has 4-8% aromatic essence and 10-18% oil. I love its super sweet odor, and if spray in the body, its sensual smell gets in to you, and you will feel like you're oozing sexy, hahaha! Kung baga, amoy pa lang, ulam na! (wink!)