Friday, September 01, 2006

Last Day Fun

Sigh and sob, two short weeks had passed. Honey's vacation has come to its tail, he gonna leave tomorrow noon, flying back to Bangladesh. He will be away for another month or two. Well, what can I do? Nothing. Rather, wait, hope and pray hard that his next projects will permit us to go with him. Sigh! I'm sure Jett will be sad again, he surely gonna miss his Dad, his playmate and kakampi against his Mom's parental limit.

Well, we are making the most out of less than a day with him. We're currently in SM San Lazaro. I'm here in Netopia, Honey, Jett and Kim (niece) are in Storyland.

Till here! Have a safe trip Honey, we love, and we'll miss you!!! See you!